Learning graphic design is by no means an easy task. All those tedious hours of sitting in front of the computer, hunched, trying to find the right PNG picture for the final touches of your project can make you question everything. But, when you’re finally done and get to see your artwork being portrayed to the world, it’s all worth it. Still, some may have their doubts, and we’re here to break those down! In this article, we hope to show some of the pros of graphic design, including some things to consider before plunging in.

Pros of Graphic Design

Designing and branding matter more now: if you are working in a company or have any relation to the marketing world, you will most surely know that designing and branding is more important than ever. So learning graphic designing can help you reach those new demands and help your business remain competitive.

It’s effortless to design for yourself: Nowadays, skill-building is so easy and accessible with all the resources on the internet – practically anyone can hop on and learn the works behind designing. So why not take advantage of this newly found treasure?

Display your work to the world: With this form of art, the whole world is your audience. With graphic design, you can make anything and have people see it virtually. Whether that be for praise or constructive criticism, it’s nice to know people can appreciate your hard work.

The world of freelancing: Graphic designers have one main advantage over other traditional jobs: working as a freelancer. If you can build your skills enough, you can experience numerous job opportunities and have the luxury of working as a freelancer.

Get paid for being creative: Another great pro of working as a graphic designer is that you can earn money by just being creative. Your creative ideas and concepts can fuel your income!

Exciting job opportunities: By being a freelancer, you can have more options in terms of job opportunities. Sitting in those closed up cubicles is certainly not your only option; instead, you can apply anywhere there is a need for graphics, and that is everywhere. So, the possibilities are endless!

Work across a range of industries: As mentioned above, graphic designers are wanted everywhere, regardless of the type of industry. Hence, you can work across a range of company types without facing any culture shock.

Some things to consider

Sometimes work is boring: Even though creating art as a job is interesting, there are moments where you may find yourself, dare I say, a little bored. Not all the projects are fun, and that’s okay because that’s part of the job.

Be big on collaboration: If you aren’t a team player, collaborating with everyone and their expectations from your design can prove to be slightly tricky. So, improve your communication skills and convey all your concerns or questions to people clearly, otherwise you’ll find yourself frustrated.

No designer is right for every project: Understand that you may not be ideal for every single project and that you may not even enjoy every project. So, taking a step back and letting other designers focus on what they’re good at while you do the same can help you stay satisfied with your job.

Expectations aren’t always realistic: Some people you work with can have unrealistic expectations from your designs, and you may feel unworthy when they do. But always remember that people who give ideas and people to create ideas have very different perspectives. So, have faith in yourself and don’t stress too much over people with illusory expectations.

In conclusion, here is a realistic approach to why you should study graphic design: The advantages are numerous, and the disadvantages are minimal, a perfect combo don’t you think? If you are thinking about moving ahead in your graphic designing career, what’s stopping you? Just have some faith and dive straight in!

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