As we go full throttle ahead into the embrace of the digital age, we not only come across amazing discoveries but we also feed the curiosity that grows in our minds. What else is out there? What more can we unfold? And when will it happen? When it comes to the world of business and trading, will we be able to match our outputs to the technological advancements or will we lag behind? All these questions boggle our heads.

Now, obviously there are things that are unknown to us and will forever be unknown but some entities have made an appearance into this world and some we have even been acquainted with. The era of the internet is one of the concepts that was fictional, to say the least only a few decades ago but now look at all the things we are able to do with the internet.

So much communication, business, and the connection is spread across the world wide web and has made our lives so much easier. When it comes to marketing and trading, tools like the internet and digital marketing being its companion had completely revolutionized the way we sell our products. So, with as that digital marketing has achieved, it begs the question, what comes after it?

VR(Virtual Reality)

Virtual Reality is a concept that people have been playing around with quite a while now. Virtual gaming may be the most popular invention from this arena and has not only sparked great interest for the idea but also curiosity. Could virtual reality marketing really be a thing? Indeed, it could be. Undoubtedly, it won’t be hitting the showrooms in the next two three years and may take a long time to perfect and implement.

But it can be done. If you can play games in VR, why not experience products and services and see what they can be like in VR too? Of course, VR marketing, if there is ever such a thing, will not be applicable for all types of companies and their products and may cater specifically to certain businesses. Needless to say, we are all very interested to find out more!

Voice Searching Optimization

The majority still uses typing for searches, but the slowly the use of voice search is rising. It is becoming more prevalent to see that people are speaking to their phones and relying on that to give the best results. Granted, asking Ok Google 5 times to search something right now is not the most ideal but tech companies are working to make this experience better. With more local interpretation and better listening capabilities, voice searching is gradually taking over.

This gives leeway to a new opportunity for the world of marketing. Digital marketing has a strong tool called Search Engine Optimization, which deals with keywords and search rankings for websites. Much like that, Voice Searching Optimization is making its way to the arena and acting as a marketing tool. Maybe in the near future, more resources will be drizzled into this concept and thus will create a new form of marketing.

Video Content Marketing

A lot of V’s in this segment huh? Intriguing we’d say. Moving on to video content marketing. Now, this is an already prominent strategy for digital marketing but has not completely taken lift off. Although we see this form of marketing floating across the internet, it is still a somewhat shadowed form of marketing.

But with recent trends in consumer buying, culture complemented with the influence on online celebrities, the rise of video content marketing is slowly unveiling itself. Not to say that is will be suitable for all consumers as well as companies, but it will definitely be something worth looking into!


Ever seen these in sci-fi movies? Sure you have. Something that has been fiddled with for a long time in the film industry, holograms can actually turn out to be a common tool for marketing way in the future. The idea of something floating in front of you but not really it is just so trippy, right? Well, using this technology and obvious appeal, companies can easily monetize holograms.

It would especially intrigue younger audiences. The possibilities with holograms are really endless. Even though, much like all the of the others mentioned here, we probably won’t see these fantasies turn into realities any time soon. But we can certainly still hope!

What more do you think could be out there? A lot. That’s for sure. We, humans, have only voyaged a tiny bit of what we were given and that has already bombarded us with information, knowledge, and technology. In the coming years, we are sure to see massive changes in the world of marketing and the mesh of science fiction like tools with it. Keep your eyes open and you’ll be able to see it all!