Red Roots Ltd




Property Listing & Real Estate Website Development

This website is mainly serve Redroots Ltd. a business identity and property showcasing.

The company had a static website before. We have analyzed and created a new website for the company. They can list their properties here properly without hassle.

Functional & Modern Website

The website is fully functional for property management. Also the theme, plugin made it more gorgeous looking to this website.

Bold Identity

This website has built a great identity for the business. They can easily reach out to their clients via website. Also, it will help to generate more leads too.

Technology Used

WordPress CMS

We have used WordPress as the CMS of the website. It will be easy to use, maintain and also managing the website easily. It'll help doing SEO.


We have used LiteSpeed server and a Premium CDN for the website. It will boost the speed and also give higher security to the website.

Better User Management

The website has a great user management segment, where they can manage the users and all the customer details via the website.


For SEO, we have used a premium plugin. It will maintain the social media tags and some meta tags for search engines.