E-bike and cycle accessories seller

This website is an e-commerce platform of DUCHAKA

The company is an importer and seller of e-bikes and accessories. Their website is for selling their products, do marketing through their digital channels.

Duchaka Website front

Converting & Modern e-Commerce

Anyone who wants to buy electric bike, accessories etc. from the website, can purchase and view the details there. Also, the admin can manage the orders online.

User Friendly

This website is totally user friendly. Users can interact with the website easily and they can manage their orders and view the products easily.

Technology Used

WordPress CMS

We have used WordPress as the CMS of the website. It will be easy to use, maintain and also managing the website easily. It'll help doing SEO.


We have used LiteSpeed server and a Premium CDN for the website. It will boost the speed and also give higher security to the website.


Woocommerce is the best for e-commerce platform and management for the WordPress website. This will also manage the order management.


For SEO, we have used a premium plugin. It will maintain the social media tags and some meta tags for search engines.

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