The second Wonder Woman 1984 trailer was released on Saturday and it’s still on Youtube Trending. That already says a lot about the hype and excitement behind this movie! Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and even newly cast Kristen Wiig have all returned to bring to life one of DC’s most popular characters, Wonder Woman. A lot of people are asking what is Wonder Woman and when will it release? In this article we hope to shed light on some of these questions while also observing the trailer and what we can deduce about the movie’s plot from it.

Even though the pandemic had slowed down all the filming processes, DC held its first virtual fan convention called DC FanDome, where the trailer was released. The trailer features our beloved Diana, aka Wonder Woman and her thrilling adventures, accompanied by Steve Trevor and also her confrontation to the movie’s main nemesis, Cheetah.

The movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and is set out to be released in October of this year. Seems like all of the DC movies are planning to be released in around the same time of the year and we are all for it! October is definitely the month to embrace DC’s iconic darkness and eerie vibes.

Wonder Woman 1984 is a follow up to the director’s 2017 film titled Wonder Woman and is set in the 1980s, which is quite obviously stated in the title! Interesting to see that the previous movie’s style of filming and editing was noticeably different from this one, or as can be seen in the trailer. The World War I influence is almost completely subdued, which nudged away the gritty action scenes and filled them in with intense yet more carefully crafted action scenes. Since the primary antagonist in this film is one singular person, it gives more leeway for one-on-one combat and more intricate movements from both characters.

Let’s move onto to some of the characters we meet in the trailer. Gal Gadot is returning as Diana of Themyscira, the Amazonian superhero who whips out her Lasso of Truth when in danger. She is accompanied by Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, the pilot seen from the previous movie who seemingly died (Surprise). Kristen Wiig is cast as Barbara Ann Minerva, a British archaeologist who later becomes the main enemy in the movie Cheetah. The Cheetah! Pedro Pascal plays Max Lord, the other main villain in the movie. Lastly, Robin Wright and Connie Nelson come back for the second time as Antiope and Hippolyta, respectively.

Unlike a lot of DC’s current movies, Wonder Woman 1984 does feature bits of humor being thrown around here and there. This is highly appreciated undoubtedly and gives the superheroes a more human feel that a lot of the viewers can relate to. Chris Pine, his parachute pants and fanny pack create those good but subtle comedy scenes! As for the plot so far, what we can understand from the trailer is that Diana and Steve are living in Washington DC. Steve Trevor is somehow revived from the dead while constantly being astounded by Wonder Woman’s ability to not age. Other than that, we can pretty clearly understand that the arch nemesis of Wonder Woman is seen to be her former friend who has apparently transformed herself into The Cheetah.

Image from: The Indian Express

“I don’t want to be like anyone,” says Cheetah in the trailer. “I want to be an apex predator.”

As for the costume design, Gal Gadot is armored in gold as she commences her combat with The Cheetah. Her armor comes from the Alex Ross graphic novel “Kingdom Come”. The metallic gold panels paired with her piercing wings make her look indestructible. Both of the characters are seen to be in elaborate and well detailed costumes. The Cheetah is also a show stopper. Her extremely realistic getup has gained a lot of praise and applause. Her costume makes her look like an actual cheetah where she is seen to be adorned in fur. This is a tribute to Priscilla Rich, the first Cheetah, who enjoyed wearing animal furs and wore a magical fur cheetah costume. (PETA should be considerate towards these people, unless these furs are real – that would not be so good)

Image via Warner Bros.

Also, Diana’s tiara can be used as a boomerang weapon in this film. This incident is very similar to the 1970s live action television series – talk about a practical outfit!

All in all, the trailer managed to surge great curiosity among fans of DC and even other fandoms all the while not exposing much of the plot details or give any spoilers. We’re all so intrigued to find out what happens between Wonder Woman and the Cheetah and who will be crowned the victor. In case you didn’t watch the trailer, what are you waiting for?

Watch it now and understand what all the excitement is for

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